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  1. Hello Sweet Kicks with Bricks (not sure who to address this to specifically)!

    I was curious if you guys were interested in writing a review or story on our latest card game, Codex: Card-Time Strategy? Tom Vasel (of The Dice Tower) just rated it as his top #22 board game of all time (despite being released just last month!), saying that it “knocked Magic: The Gathering off my list” entirely!

    Not only that, but this would be David Sirlin’s (lead designer and CEO of Sirlin Games) FIFTH successful Kickstarter. More important, all five of our Kickstarters have shipped either ON-TIME or EARLY (which is a complete anomaly in the board game world)!

    We’d love to work with you guys on telling the world about our game! We think it deserves to make waves and we hope you guys can help. Let me know if you want a review copy of our Deluxe Set!

    Thanks in advance!

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